Welcome to the Enchanting Land of Mathematics

You have received an invitation to embark on a journey to the extraordinary realm of mathematics, a land brimming with wonder and intellectual delights. Upon witnessing the captivating beauty of this domain, you are captivated and yearn to become a permanent resident.To achieve your aspiration, you mu....Read More

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Catch The Frogs

Mihai and Slavic, two curious children, were gazing at a group of frogs numbered from 1 to n. Each frog had a hop length of 1 to Ai.The frogs were all initially located at point 0, and each second, frog i would hop Ai units forward. Before any frogs started hopping, Slavic and Mihai could place exactly ....Read More

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Eat Banana For Good Health

Minion Chef has a craving for bananas. She has a collection of N piles of bananas in front of her. Each pile i (1 ≤ i ≤ N) contains Ai bananas.Chef's mother, concerned about her health, wants her to finish eating all the bananas. She is currently out of the house and will return in H hours. Chef wants....Read More

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The Prime Minister's Plight

Amidst a swirl of security concerns, the Prime Minister received an unsettling directive from the Chief of Security - a mandate to revamp all four-digit room numbers within the cabinet offices. The Prime Minister, understandably attached to his carefully chosen number 1033, expressed his reservations."Prime ....Read More

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I Hate Me

Alice is sad about this universe. He thinks that there is some hate between every person. So, he made a calculator for measuring the hate between two people.It takes two people's names. Each letter of the alphabet has a particular value. The values are from 1 to 26 in ascending order. It's like this: a = 1, ....Read More

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Gift Shop

You are preparing to celebrate your parents' anniversary and plan to buy them a gift. You visit a renowned gift shop in Dhaka, where you find a row of N gifts, each priced at Pi. When you share the occasion with the shop owner, he is delighted and offers you a discount.The discount works as follows: the shop owner selects a range (L to R....Read More

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IUBAT Fruit Fest

IUBAT is organizing its inaugural Fruit Festival, and your friends are enthusiastic participants with a fruit shop offering a variety of fruits. Their shop features N different types of fruits, each with its own price and available quantity.You want to assist your friends in preparing for the festiv....Read More

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Alice Loves Geometry.

Alice loves geometry. She solved the most problems related to geometry. So, everything is very easy for her.One day, she was thinking about a problem. If three non-collinear points (cartesian) are given in the plane, is it possible to calculate the circumference of all unique circles that intersect al....Read More

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Can You Beat Monster?

Takeshi's Castle, a beloved and iconic TV show, has left a lasting impact on the world of game shows and entertainment. It is celebrated for its outrageous challenges and the enduring appeal of its humorous and inventive obstacles.In Takeshi's Castle, there is a game segment where a contestant enter....Read More

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Find The Summation of Missing Gifts

Mithila and Mojid Mia once shared a joyful relationship, but recent misunderstandings have led to their breakup. During their time together, Majid Mia generously gifted Mithila numerous presents. However, their relationship has soured, and Majid now insists on the return of all the gifts he bestowed ....Read More

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