Can You Solve This.Suppose You Ask Iron Men Like This->1)Choose a Number2)Add 5 With Choosed Number3)Double the result4)Subtract 4 from result5)Divide the result by 26)Subtract the number you started withCan You Guess The Final Result Iron Men Have Now?. :D :D :OJust Print The result.....Read More

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Welcome to BUBT IUPC

There is no statement for this problem. Just copy the code and submit it.   #include <stdio.h> int main() {             printf("Welcome to BUBT IUPC\n");             return 0; }....Read More

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Even Odd

Farisa and Modina both are learning a lot about numbers and they just learnt about even and odd numbers. But soon this became a problem because Farisa likes “even” numbers and Modina likes “odd” numbers and they started fighting over it. So their coach Mr. Burger gave them a problem to keep them b....Read More

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Between Enemy Lines

Your imaginary friend is stuck between two powerful enemy groups! If he is to escape, he must act very fast and choose a road number that is not yet infested with ferocious enemies. Unfortunately, he cannot be sure about the enemy's current position. But you can do that from your imaginary-powerful-able-to-hack-all  computer.&nbs....Read More

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Easy ??

Given an integer X, you have to find the smallest number that is divisible by 3 and greater than X.....Read More

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Doctor Stephen Strings First Problem

Dr Stephen String is worlds leading "String Specialist". Everyone says he knows all about the mysterious world of strings. So, the BUBT authority decided to hire him to teach the students all about strings. But he is a very busy man and won't spend his time just for anyone. He will only teach the stu....Read More

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Consecutive Divider

Mr. Tom the General secretory of “BSMRSTU Programming Club” is in danger. He is in a seminar. A miscreant asks him a question. But Alas! He doesn’t know the answer. As he is the General Secretory of “BSMRSTU Programming Club” it’s the question of dignity of our “BSMRSTU Programming Club”. But you can retain....Read More

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Emu’s Favorite

You are given an integer input N and you have to find whether it is Emu’s favorite or not. If it is Emu’s favorite then print “YES” else print “NO”. A number is Emu’s favorite if the summation of one or more 7 or -7 equal to N.Example: n = 14 so, 14 = 7+7       ....Read More

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Emu is a student of Deptartment of CSE, BUBT. Her course teacher gave her homework. Her teacher told her to write a program that takes two integer number inputs X and Y. Then her teacher told her to apply a condition, that is, if Y is less than X print “Hello,BUBTian!” (Without Quotes) otherwise, ....Read More

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Show your power

Suppose you live in a computer world and you are a single boy, you want to be double. In the computer world being double is not so hard as our world, even you don’t need to propose. The only thing you have to do is to show your power. Initially your power is P. There are some girls in the computer....Read More

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