I Hate Me

Author: Efat Sikder

Problem Setter: Abu Bakor Siddik

Member, IUBAT IITS Programming Wing

Alice is sad about this universe. He thinks that there is some hate between every person. So, he made a calculator for measuring the hate between two people.

It takes two people's names. Each letter of the alphabet has a particular value. The values are from 1 to 26 in ascending order. It's like this: a = 1, b = 2, c = 3,..., z = 26. Consider both uppercase and lowercase as the same. Then make the sum of these numbers until it comes to one digit.

For example, the name "Abs" Here, A = 1, b = 2, and s = 19. So, the sum is (1 + 2 + 19) = 22 = (2 + 2) =4. The ratio of these two numbers in percentage will be the result.

NOTE: A name can contain any special character and white spaces; you have to ignore those and only take the alphabets. And the result cannot be more than 100%.

Input Format

It will have two names. You have to take input until EOF.

Output Format

For each pair of names, your program will have to calculate the hate between two people. And give the result as output. In the result, two digits are displayed after the decimal point.


Abs anyone You Me Abs IUBAT
50.00 % 77.78 % 50.00 %
Language Time Memory
GNU C 11 1s 512MB
GNU C++ 14 1s 512MB
GNU C++ 11 1s 512MB
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