Can You Solve This.Suppose You Ask Iron Men Like This->1)Choose a Number2)Add 5 With Choosed Number3)Double the result4)Subtract 4 from result5)Divide the result by 26)Subtract the number you started withCan You Guess The Final Result Iron Men Have Now?. :D :D :OJust Print The result.....Read More

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Calculate The Expenditure

Robin and his friends were making a visit from Dhaka to Coxbazar.  Robin’s one characteristics is that he wants to keep records of his expenditures of every step of his life. Now he wants to keep the expenditure of this tour.  But as he is not so good in keeping the transactions, so he requ....Read More

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Mark Range

Asad studies B.Sc. in CSE program at BUBT. Today their programming teacher returns their mid term examination scripts. There are varieties types of numbers that students got in the examination. The teacher wants to find the mark range of numbers (Maximum and Minimum) that students got in the examination. Bu....Read More

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Leeana Learned Few New Things Few Days Ago , Like:Find The Summation Of Divisors With Prime FactorizationModular ArithmeticSo Now Her Uncle Gave Her A Task.Task Is: You Will Be Given A Number(N) And Another Number(K). Now You Have To Find  Kth Power Summation Of Divisors.Summation Of Divisors W....Read More

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The Square and the Triangle are always fighting with each other.  Square says he’s best, and calls Triangleugly and upsets him.  One day, Square decided not to fight with Triangle anymore.  He called Triangle and said, “Let’s work together and not fight anymore. Let’s find my area (Look....Read More

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Circle Dividing

In this problem you will divide a circle by placingnumber of slice. In bellow figure: figure(a) is the correct format and figure(b) is the incorrect formatfor dividing a circle satisfying above condition.....Read More

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Mojar Khela :p

Ohi and Billah discovered a box which has N amount of Stones. Print YES if the box can be equally divided between Ohi and Billah else  Print NO.....Read More

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Chocolate Ice-cream

Roza is a college girl. She has many friends. She loves Gossip, Hangout, Travelling etc. with her friends. She also loves bite Chocolate Ice-cream. Sometimes it helps him to reduce her frustration.Today she is very upset, sits alone beside window in her home. Because her friends have gone a tour at C....Read More

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The Hero Song

Find the lyric of song: “ alesso heroes (we could be heroes) “ and just print first 5 lines.....Read More

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OMG Equation

Equation: 9(a+b)2+4a+5b+(ab)2 find the value of this equation.....Read More

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