Distance & Displacement

There are two interesting things in physics, they are: Distance: Distance is the total length covered by a moving object irrespective of the direction of motion. Here only magnitude is needed. Displacement: Displacement is distance measured in a straight line and in a specified direction. So both magnitude and direction are important. For example: A car travels 5 km to east and makes a U-turn back to tra....Read More

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You & Spiral

It’s a game. Have two players you and your enemy. You have a matrix of r*c (row and column). In each step both you and your enemy must be collect all point from entire row/column which are not collected by opponent. The collection must start from row and then consecutively column and row. First your ....Read More

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Brick Game

Rayhan & Imran are best friends and love to play games. Today they decided to play brick games. The game is very simple. They need to move all the bricks from spot A to spot C under few conditions- ·         Always pick a brick from top and move it ....Read More

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BUBT vs MR. Array

You are the best programmer of BUBT. Now you are assigned to save the dignity of BUBT to the fact that MR. Array challenged BUBT with a problem. As you are the best programmer and it is the question of dignity it’s your duty save the dignity of BUBT. Okay now let me describe the challenge. You are going to have an array and some query. For each query you h....Read More

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Mr. Problem

Mr. Problem has a bunch of solutions stored in his Solution cottage. But there is a problem in Mr. Problems Solution cottage, some of the contestants aren’t honest. They try all the time searching the solution instead of thinking. Which is a very bad habit. So, Mr. Problem bought some CC cameras to ch....Read More

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Gun Fight

Gunfight is one of the oldest game among the bounty hunters of wild west. But in this modern era we need to update the playing style of the game so that no one will die in the game. You are given the position of 3 player in 3D space. Winner will be selected that player who make the biggest angle with other two players.....Read More

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Leeana  Loves To Find Summation Of Any Series. Today Her Uncle Gave Her A Task: F(1)=1 F(n)=(n*(26*n+3))+(7*n)-((n+1)*5)-(5*n) Where, N>1   Find The Answer Of F(1)+F(2)+….F(n). Sum Of All Upto F(n) Will Be Huge So You Have To Module The Answer With 1000000007. She Knows That Your A Great Program....Read More

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Find The Path

Problem setter: Raihat Zaman Neloy, ACM ICPC World Finalist, 2016-17Jahangirnagar University (JU) You are given a positive integer N. You can perform any of the following operations in each step: 1. If it is divisible by 2 then, divide it by 2. 2. If it is divisible by 3 then, divide it by 3. 3. Subtract 1 from that number. Now you have to calculate the minimum num....Read More

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Po & Dumpling

Problem setter: Abu Obaida Opu. Software Engineer.Structured Data Systems Ltd (SDSL) Po loves to eat dumpling. He would keep eating endlessly if he could. Today when Po went out to take a walk in the road, he immediately remembered, ohh today is dumpling festival!!! Unfortunately before going out Po ate too mu....Read More

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Extract information from a given website print the result.Your hacker friend made a website and hid some secret phrases in it. The website's landing page looks like this:The link (flhxd) goes to another page of links, and each link leads to another page containing one or more links and/or a secret phrase....Read More

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