Doctor Stephen Strings First Problem

Dr Stephen String is worlds leading "String Specialist". Everyone says he knows all about the mysterious world of strings. So, the BUBT authority decided to hire him to teach the students all about strings. But he is a very busy man and won't spend his time just for anyone. He will only teach the stu....Read More

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Show your power

Suppose you live in a computer world and you are a single boy, you want to be double. In the computer world being double is not so hard as our world, even you don’t need to propose. The only thing you have to do is to show your power. Initially your power is P. There are some girls in the computer....Read More

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Fun With Numbers

There is no description of this problem.Input: Only one line contains two integers A and B. (1 ≤ A, B ≤ 100) Output: Print the answer.....Read More

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Sefuda’s Hard Problem

Let me tell you a story. Once I met with Sefuda in a bar. He was drinking Mod then. I tried to talk with him.Me: Hi, Sefuda. How are you?Sefuda: I’m good. Listen kid. Now I’m drinking Mod. And you know while drinking mod a lot of hard problems come to my mind. Now I’m going to tell you one and you have to solve it.Me: Ok, tell me.Sefuda: A number will be given. You can write the numbe....Read More

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Forming team for contest

In every year, an International regional programming contest called ICPC is arranged. Every reputed university from Bangladesh take part in this event. This is not an individual contest. This is a team contest. Each team has 3 members and a coach. Like every university BSMRSTU have took part i....Read More

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Consecutive Divider

Mr. Tom the General secretory of “BSMRSTU Programming Club” is in danger. He is in a seminar. A miscreant asks him a question. But Alas! He doesn’t know the answer. As he is the General Secretory of “BSMRSTU Programming Club” it’s the question of dignity of our “BSMRSTU Programming Club”. But you can retain....Read More

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Counting Passengers

In  a dreamland, there is a road, which have some lanes. If there is n lanes in that road, they are marked by 1 to n. i-th lane is wider than (i-1)-th lane, so cars of i-th lane contain one more wheel from the previous lane. Every i-th lane can afford cars which have lowest number of wheels and nu....Read More

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Area Anarchy

You are given the width and breadth of a rectangular room and width and height of a rectangular sized tile.<p></p><p>You need to determine if the room can be covered in tiles without breaking any tile.</p>....Read More

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Trouble With Three

You will be given a number N. Calculate N%3.....Read More

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In winter there is a hype game played almost everywhere in Bangladesh known as Badminton. It is played in a rectangular court. As now it's winter season, we need to draw a court for our university. We wanted to draw a court. But the teachers of our university didn't like our badminton court, because the ....Read More

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