I Like Char Pattern

Kamrul likes to draw the pattern in his notebook. Now Kamrul learns programming, he makes some of those patterns by using programming. As a new learner Kamrul cannot make all the patterns he draws in his notebook. So, today Kamrul needs your help to make only one pattern from his notebook. You need to w....Read More

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Minimum time to make Pizzas.

Mr. Griffin, the proprietor of a thriving pizza shop in Bangladesh, has enlisted the services of several skilled workers. He's assembled a team of N dedicated workers, each possessing their own unique pizza-making speed denoted by "Ai" the time it takes for them to complete a pizza.As Mr. Griffin's ....Read More

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Between Enemy Lines

Your imaginary friend is stuck between two powerful enemy groups! If he is to escape, he must act very fast and choose a road number that is not yet infested with ferocious enemies. Unfortunately, he cannot be sure about the enemy's current position. But you can do that from your imaginary-powerful-able-to-hack-all  computer.&nbs....Read More

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Easy ??

Given an integer X, you have to find the smallest number that is divisible by 3 and greater than X.....Read More

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Welcome to BUBT IUPC

There is no statement for this problem. Just copy the code and submit it.   #include <stdio.h> int main() {             printf("Welcome to BUBT IUPC\n");             return 0; }....Read More

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Emu’s Favorite

You are given an integer input N and you have to find whether it is Emu’s favorite or not. If it is Emu’s favorite then print “YES” else print “NO”. A number is Emu’s favorite if the summation of one or more 7 or -7 equal to N.Example: n = 14 so, 14 = 7+7       ....Read More

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Cost Count

Mr. Samir likes to play with blocks. A block has 6 sides. Left, Right, Front, Back, Top, and Bottom. The size of a block is (1*1*1). He makes building on a (H*W) square unit area. But in every coordinate, the number of blocks can be different.Now he wants to recolor only one side of the building. Color....Read More

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Emu is a student of Deptartment of CSE, BUBT. Her course teacher gave her homework. Her teacher told her to write a program that takes two integer number inputs X and Y. Then her teacher told her to apply a condition, that is, if Y is less than X print “Hello,BUBTian!” (Without Quotes) otherwise, ....Read More

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Rectangle Counting

In the initial version or v1.0.0, you are given an N*M grid. Then count the number of rectangles in this grid by using the simple equation . In the next version v1.1.0, you are given N points then calculate how many rectangles are formed by....Read More

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My Younger Sister

Do you like chocolates? Maybe, or not, but my younger sister likes chocolates so much and she wants to buy more chocolates. Every day she comes to me with a list of chocolates of N types from 1 to N, where the price is given of every type of chocolates. Finally, she askes me what amount of m....Read More

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